Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog #14: Reflections

As I reflect on this semester, I look back at our class from a slightly different lens than my classmates because I was the only student who had not read the books prior to signing up for the class. I was falsely under the impression that we would read the series through the semester as a class, on the first day of class I was abruptly informed that I would have to read the books on my own, and very quickly. I ended up reading the series within a week or so and for the most part enjoying the books. This gave me a different perspective on our in-class discussions, as the trilogy had, had time to ferment in the minds of the other students while for me it was still fresh. In terms of the other class material we had to read, I thought that the Gresh book was very elementary and did not enjoy reading it, and did not learn much from it; in comparison, I thought the collected essays in the Pharr and Clark book were much more informative and better written. Some of the other readings were useful, while some did not really resonate with me. The blogs were a well used tool, expanding on topics we discussed in class and giving us more space to express our views, but perhaps we could have been given more creative freedom in our writing. Overall, I am happy that his class introduced me to the world of the Hunger Games and found our journey through it quite interesting.

I have now completed my journey through The Hunger Games. 

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