Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blog #13: Reflections on Presentations

The first round of presentations were all pretty good, the one that stood out to me was Danielle's about gender roles in the Hunger Games. I found it very interesting how gender roles in series were very undefined compared to traditional ideas, especially in the capitol. At the beginning of the first book we get an idea that gender roles will be different in this trilogy because Katniss illegally hunts on her own and supports here family. There are some vestiges of defined gender roles in that it is still the men who work in the mines, Gale symbolizes the typical male hero and Prim is a more typical feminine hero. But for the most part as Danielle pointed out the lines are blurred, in the capitol everyone cares mostly about dress and fashion, Katniss and Peeta are both 'mixed gender' hero's and in District 13 everyone is equal and expected to do their fair share of work for the rebel cause. I think perhaps one thing Danielle could have mentioned is the importance of Katniss being a female hero with masculine qualities in a wider, cultural aspect. Many feel that the books and movie would not have been as popular if Katniss was a boy, that because she could stand up and fight for herself was appealing to young girls and fulled the series success. At the same time Peeta was not the typical male hero, which added to the appeal of the couple, but overall I think Danielle did a good job in discussing the topic of gender in the Hunger Games.

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