Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reflection 9: Dr.Casey

Dr. Casey’s lecture on his biography and how his past shapes him today was very interesting and relatable to the notion of leadership in The Hunger Games. It was fascinating how Dr. Casey’s life unfolded, from a young boy in a small community in South Carolina where few people went to college to becoming the President. Dr. Casey did not have any grand plan, he simply took the opportunities that were presented to him, when he was a child he would simply read the books that were available to him, to travelling the world with the Kellogg Foundation.

Dr. Casey’s lessons in power are also relatable to the Hunger Games, most specifically in his styles of leadership differs from both that of President Snow and Coin. Dr. Casey believes that “who you are tied up with” is the most important aspect of being a leader as you cannot do everything yourself and must rely on other people to succeed. This is in contrast to both Snow and Coin, who had few if, any advisers and made virtually all executive decisions themselves. Another important lesson from Dr. Casey’s youth was that he was a part of forced busing as a part of school desegregation; this led to him never really thinking about race or diversity as an important differentiating factor.  In comparison, both Snow and Coin, especially Snow tried to split people up into classes and segregate them between districts. This eventually played a major role in his downfall. Coin went in the opposite direction treating everyone the same, this had its drawbacks as well because each person is an individual and needs some freedom which was stifled under Coin’s rule.


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