Sunday, April 13, 2014

Children of Men: Movie Reflection and connections to The Hunger Games

The movie Children of Men paints a picture of a dystopian future where no more babies are born, much of the world has descended into anarchy and chaos while Britain appears to remain as one of the few surviving nations; albeit one that is an extremely authoritarian police-state. There are some obvious parallels with the Hunger Games series including the restriction of travel, control of information, and the violent armed forces. The reason the main character of Children of Men – Theo Faron – is needed is to gain access to travel permits that are extremely hard to come by. It is hard and dangerous to travel, with both the state and outlaws roaming the countryside, this is very comparable to the Hunger Games where there is virtually no travel between districts besides for government officials, troops and tributes. Furthermore, the citizens of both the Britain of 2027 and Panem have little to no information of what goes on in the outside world, the British people do not really know what is happening in the world as the government controls the media and those who reside in Panem do not even know what happens in neighboring districts. Finally, as authoritarian states both Britain and Panem have extremely harsh and violent police forces who abuse and mistreat the citizens. The major difference is that the catastrophe in Children of Men is that there are no more births, while in Panem there appears to have been a war and environmental disaster. Even though there are broad differences, the general tone and outlook of the movie, Children of Men and the book series, The Hunger Games is very similar. 

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