Friday, April 18, 2014

Blog Entry 11: The End of the World

The world as we know it is going to end, in around 2.8 billion years when the sun explodes and destroys the earth and all the other plants in the solar system. But the real question is will the end of the world come sooner than that, through a man-made disaster, a natural catastrophe, aliens or another source? I believe that the humanity will suffer devastating consequences thanks to the continuing environmental degradation of the earth. Even though there has been mounting scientific evidence that over-use of resources is destroying our plant there has been relatively little done to change our damaging practices. This falls under the millennialism category that Dr. Krebs mentioned, as one of the categories of millennialism is environmental degradation. This also links to the Hunger Games as it seems as if some environmental catastrophe led to the civil war of Panem. This was in combination with the apparent use of nuclear weapons- specifically in District 13. The Hunger Games shows us some of the dangers that could occur if we do not take heed to the warning signs. The control of resources is becoming increasingly important, many wars already occur at least partly for the control of resources water and oil being the most prominent. There are other rather less predictable ways that could cause major damage or end our way of life - a major volcano that blocks out sunlight, a large asteroid impacting the earth, an alien invasion; but I do not believe any of these disasters would be the cause of the end of the earth.

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